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Angry Attorney

Beaver Carving

Papier-mâché Owl

Sheet Metal Bird of Prey

Great Horned Owl Carving

Snowy Owl Carving

Carved Bust of a Man

Small Weathervane

Fungus with Squirrel Etching

Small Red Owl

Child's Play Horse on Wheels

Pig Thimble Holder

Native American Style Ladle with Decoration

Funky and Folky Little Bird Carving

Bone Carving

Hobo Carving by Simas

Workman Carving by Simas

Black Forest Owl Coat Hanger



Horse Pull Toy

Omersa Duck Doorstop

Bathing Beauties

Sheep or Lamb Carving

Horse Head Carving

Odd Fellows Hand Axe

Pig Cutting Board

Alphonse The Carnival Target

Spencerian Drawing of a Fish

Papier Mache Milliners Head

Olivewood Tintype Frame

Grain Painted Shelf

Beaver Carving

Native American Dog Cane

Canadian Crow Decoy

Folky Early Bird Carving

Horse Carving with Raised Foot

Odd Fellows Staff

I.O.O.R.M. Ceremonial Axe

Herring Gull Carving

Carved Owl

Confederate Soldier

Chalk Bear

Carved Steer

European Stag Carving

Folk Art Mask

Clown Bottle Toy

Stag Carving

Wolf Carving

Hand Puppet


Watermelon Slice

Chalk Bank


Game Board

Uncle Sam Doll

Carved Coke Bottle

Miniature Flying Mallard

Lamb Painting

Outsider Art Head

Giraffe Carving


Leather Monkey

Carved Mules


Tramp Art Frame

Lion Face


Eaglet Carving

English Folk Art Piece

Carved Elephant

Clown Head

Herd of Elephants

Chalkware Ewe and Lamb

Bull Head

Angel Gabriel Weathervane

Locomotive Weathervane

Liverpool Fraternal Axe

Wooden Locomotive

End of Folk Art

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