Spencerian Drawing of a Fish   

Spencerian drawing of a fish made with pen and ink on laid paper. These drawings are named for Platt Rogers Spencer, the man who championed a form of handwriting featuring grand flourishes. As the style evolved, the flourishes sometimes were employed to form scrolls, flowers, leaves, birds and animals among other things, and the finished images were often framed to display on the wall. Rarely were they signed. The outer dimensions of this frame are 8 ¼" H x 10 ¼" W; sight - 5 ½" H x 7 ½" W. Fish are a rare subject of Spencerian drawings. As shown in the photos, there is a light colored line under the fish which doesn't affect the drawing. We suspect this may have occurred as a result of paper shrinkage. Circa 3rd - 4th quarter of 19th century. (CM-21)

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