Russ Burr Miniature Drake Mallard    Russ Burr Miniature Drake Mallard

Miniature flying drake mallard made by master carver Russ Burr (1887-1955) of Hingham, Mass. He was well noted for his miniatures and this one is an excellent example of his mastery of motion and attention to detail (note the little curls shown above the tail, fashioned from fine wire to simulate the curled feathers exhibited there by mature mallard drakes and the delicate carving of the head and bill). There was an invisible touch-up to some wear on the very tip of a wing feather and restoration to a small portion of one of the feet. We mounted the bird on a small wooden plaque with a screw so it can easily be adjusted or removed by a new owner. It measures 5" from wing tip to tail and 4 ¾" from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail. (BX-35

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