Odd Fellows Hand Axe   Odd Fellows Hand Axe

Rare Odd Fellows hand axe with heart in hand decorations on both sides. Lodge number 72. Odd Fellows standard size axes are relatively common, but hand axes are quite unusual and rare. (Note that the size and shape of the blade head distinguishes a hand axe from a hatchet). This axe had multiple spots of white paint on the blade from a careless painter that we carefully scraped off one by one and then touched up some of the resultant small scrape marks with clear satin varnish. Handle is 20" L and blade 10 3/8" W x 10 3/8" H. There is an old, stable, age line that extends vertically down from the top of the blade approximately 3 ¾" on one side and 1 5/8" on the other side. There are scattered areas of paint loss on the handle and blade of the axe that could easily be touched up if desired. (CN-25)


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