Image of Julio T Buel

Cased image of Julio Thompson Buel (1806-1886), an inventor of trolling baits, with a nicely tied wet trout fly in the opposing frame. Image is a paper photo of a daguerreotype. Frames are 1/6 plate size. Buel was born in East Poultney, Vermont in 1806 and lived in Vermont his entire life. He was an avid fisherman and became relatively famous for inventing the trolling spoon. He later developed spinners and other trolling lures, forming a very successful business in Whitehall, Vermont, manufacturing patented fishing lures, becoming known as "The Baitmaker of Whitehall". His reputation extended far beyond the small villages of Vermont, even being awarded a medal for his contributions to the sport of fishing at the Centennial celebration in Philadelphia in 1876. He sold his business to an associate in 1885, after becoming ill, and died the following year. (CP-4)


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