Gaudy Wash Bowl and Pitcher
Very rare full size Gaudy Welsh wash bowl and pitcher. Grape pattern with bold color and almost all overglaze paint and lustre intact. No chips, but it does have a piece glued in place next to spout (see photos) and several tight hairlines and spiders. The floral decoration on the bottom of the bowl is a different shade of blue but looks to be original. The damage is all easily restorable since it does not involve the decoration. In many years of collecting Gaudy Welsh we have never seen another full size wash bowl and pitcher. Pitcher is apprx. 9" tall; bowl is
4 ½" H x 12 ¾" W.  English, circa 1840. In our personal collection for some 25 years. More photos available upon request.  (BO-35)

(additional photo below)
Gaudy Wash Bowl and Pitcher

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