Bone Carving   Bone Carving    

Great little bone carving of a man wearing a crown. Probably Inuit origin, circa early 20th century. The head is detachable, so the interior could be used for snuff, small spills, matches, etc. However, the interior is very clean, suggesting that it may have been washed, or that it may never have been used. Good decoration on the exterior, including two birds, one of which, on the front, probably is a crow. The other, on the back side, may be a heron, but it could also be a fantasy rendering. It remains in very good condition. We needed to add a bit to the stopper under the head to make it more secure when closed and touched up a tiny spot on the side of the head with matching black paint. Otherwise, it is in excellent original condition. Stands apprx. 7" high x 2 1/8" wide at base, 1 ¼" at the midpoint and 1 3/8" across the crown. More photos available upon request. (CQ-13)

(additional photo below)
Bone Carving

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