Angry Attorney   Angry Attorney

Great carving of an angry attorney, possibly an English Barrister, standing at a small table, which we fashioned inasmuch as he was standing with both hands reaching out as if he had them placed on a table, scowling and glaring up to his left, at the judge or his opponent. He stands 19" tall, including a small plinth, and 18 1/2" without.  He wears tails and a powdered wig, as did the English Barristers, and many early lawyers in the U.S.  Having practiced trial work myself for many years, he reminded me of a couple of irascible lawyers I had faced and I kept this carving for a good while in my own collection. It remains in very good condition with a couple areas of wear to the black paint on his coat and very minor touch ups.  (CS-29)

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