Spruce Gum Barrel    Spruce Gum Barrel

Rare spruce gum barrel in an old red wash. Found in Nova Scotia. 4 ½" tall x 2 ½" wide at midpoint and 1 ¾" wide at both ends. The bottom end was sealed and the top end was missing. We made a substitute lid and fitted it with a cord that can be used to turn and secure it in the threads of the gum barrel. The threads are worn so this requires some care. We have collected and sold spruce gum boxes for years, but this is the only gum barrel we have ever found. We have seen photos of several others, some of which had painted decoration. Spruce gum barrels also were made to house larger supplies of gum in the Canadian maritime provinces and are especially rare. (CQ-36)
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Spruce Gum Barrel

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