Pair of Snuff Boxes

Exceptional pair of carved snuff boxes:
a) Relief carved birch bark box with hinged lid in excellent original condition. 3 1/8”L x
1 1/2“W x 1”H. Lid shows a man fishing in a mountain lake with a house on the opposite shore and trees in the foreground. Sides have two rows of leaves scrolled around the circumference. There are only a couple of tiny scuffs from use on the sides which could easily be touched up with shoe polish if desired.
Circa 19th century. (CL-33)
b) Olivewood snuff box with great relief carvings over the entire surface, including a cartouche of a bearded man on the lid, a bacchanalian scene of a naked woman straddling a keg and holding a jug and wine glass on the opposite side, and grapes with vines throughout. Some minor and almost invisible restoration to small losses at hinge points.  3 ½”L x 2”W x
1 1/8”H. We suspect this box is European in origin, possibly Italian or Greek. Circa early 19th century (CL-34)
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Pair of Snuff Boxes
Pair of Snuff Boxes

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