Jigging stick employed by ice spear-fishermen to jig fish decoys. The line would be wound around the two pointed prominences on the side of the stick, then fed through the eyelet shown and attached to the decoy which would be suspended through the hole in the ice and jigged by the fisherman holding the rod by the handle to attract large fish, often northern pike. The lure could be lowered to variable depths by unwrapping or wrapping line. The fisherman would have a spear handy to thrust down, impale the curious fish and haul it up through the hole. The pointed iron piece on the end of the stick could be used to lever to fish up through the hole or to pin the fish down on the ice. It also could be stuck in the snow to keep the stick upright when not in use so it didn't get stepped on or become lost in the snow. This jigging stick was very finely shaped and finished almost in the form of a rifle. We suspect it dates to the early to mid 20th century. It is approximately 32 1/2" long. (CL-30)

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