Fish Game Counters

We’ve owned some of these carved fish before and researched them again. The consensus of opinion is that they are “game counters” for board or card games, most likely the latter, with whist and loo being mentioned as two such games. They were evidently carved in China from ox bone. Many of them were exported to England in the late 18th century and some subsequently made their way to America. In both England and America they also found use as thread winders. They range from 1 ½” to 1 ¾” long and many have red dye accenting the carved gills and mouths. We have mounted them on cherry burl plaques for display – 10 on the larger plaque (CL-31) and 5 on the smaller one (CL-32).
$185 (large one)
$125 (small one)
(additional photo below)
Fish Game Counters

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