Bathing Beauties

Finely carved and painted trio of bathing beauties made by Joseph Simas. The standing figure with the large bonnet and the seated one are signed by him and dated 1943; the third is unsigned and undated. The seated figure exhibits fine crazing, possibly due to a different paint. Our on-line research didn't turn up anything definitive about Simas, but he obviously was very talented and an apt student of the female form. The seated figure measures 7 ½" long x 4 ½" high, and is mounted on a board measuring 8 ¾"L x 1 7/8"W x ½"H. The figure with the bonnet is 9" tall x 4" wide at elbows and stands on a circular plinth atop a square base measuring a total of 1" high. She has lipstick and nail polish. The redhead with a flower in her hair also measures 9" tall and stands on a square plinth atop a base adding a total of another 1¼" in height. Her left thumb has a small shrinkage separation only visible from the back. She sports earrings, lipstick and nail polish. (CO-15)


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Bathing Beauties   Bathing Beauties

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